Ceramic Coating

Why Choose Ceramic Coating?

Though wax is effective at protecting your vehicle in short-term bursts, some require something a little more long-lasting. Justin Case Wash & Detailing offers ceramic coatings for you vehicle to give you long-lasting protection.

Ceramic coating revolutionized the car care industry by providing vehicle owners with a way to protect their vehicle for years at a time. It’s incredibly effective at warding off contaminants that can damage your paint. It’s especially good at this due to its hydrophobic properties that allow it to easily repel water and grime. In fact, water collects dirt on the ceramic coating surface and does some of the cleaning for you.

Get Longer Lasting Protection Than Traditional Wax

Wax is certainly cheaper than ceramic coatings initially, but ceramic coatings live up to their value. Not only do they offer solid protection, but they don’t require the regular maintenance that comes with the upkeep of wax coatings.

A yearly checkup on your ceramic coating is all you really need to protect your investment. It will stay intact far longer and leave you free to drive and enjoy the vehicle. Since you don’t need to maintain the coating, it’ll make your car washes that much easier, as well!

Superior protection!

Though the initial cost is greater, the cost-effectiveness of ceramic coating is extremely high. You don’t just save on repeated wax services throughout the year, but you save on time and car washing efforts. It doesn’t make maintenance unnecessary, but makes it simpler.

Turn heads with a like new look.

A ceramic coating is exactly what you need if you’re looking for a way to clean, protect, and make your car shine. Give your car the kind of service it deserves. Protect your vehicle investment for the long-term with a ceramic coating service by Justin Case Wash & Detailing.

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