Paint Correction

What is Paint Correction?

Paint Correction has become a very loose term in the detailing industry. Buffing, buff job, polishing, compounding, paint correction can all mean the same thing depending on who you talk to. Anytime we polish paint, using the techniques that we do, we will correct the paint to some degree. To us paint correction is the focused removal of paint defects like swirls, light scratches, and RIDS (random isolated deep scratches).

To understand the types of defects that are present in the vehicle the paint must be looked at under a certain type of light. Once you can properly see the paint you can then achieve real paint correction, it is all about what you can see. Depending on the vehicle, usage, type of damage, and desired results will all play a roll in deciding what is best for your vehicle.

We have a few levels of polish/correction work that we do. From basic gloss enhancing polishing to mild single and multi step correction and then full corrections. Depending on the type of defects that are present and how perfect you are looking your paint to be will play a roll in which direction we should go with your polishing choice.


1 Step Correction & Polishing. Removes 30% - 50% of swirl marks & light scratches.

CARS $450 | TRUCKS/SUVS $550


2 step paint correction (cut/polish) removes 70%-90% of swirls and medium to deep scratches (not past the clear coat).

CARS $650 | TRUCKS/SUVS $750


Full mirror finish paint correction (heavy cut, medium cut, final polish) Removes 90% to 99% of swirls and scratches if they are not past the clear coat.

CARS $1,100 | TRUCKS/SUVS $1,250

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