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The Ultimate Guide to Car Detailing

Have you ever wondered how some cars on the road look like they’ve just driven out of the showroom? If it’s not a brand new car, the chances are you’ve seen a car that’s been through the detailing process.

Car detailing is a lot more than a good wash. It’s a fine art and a very precise skill. Washing a car may take a few layers of dirt from the surface, but truly cleaning the car and making the paint look brand new is a whole different process.

If you want to know more about car detailing and what it involves, keep reading and you might find that your own car would benefit from it.

Exterior Detailing

It’s easy to assume that detailing is only for car enthusiasts and supercar owners, but the process does far more than make a car look great. It can add years to the life of the paintwork of a car.

Detailing the exterior of a car begins with loosening off any dirt. This is usually done with a foam that penetrates the dirt and makes it easier to wash off. This process includes the wheels, which can be notoriously hard to clean. 

The next stage of exterior detailing is to wash and dry the car. Hoses, sponges, towels, and even brushes are used for this stage. For the toughest spots of grease and dirt, a clay bar can be used.

Once the car has been cleaned, including all components of the wheels and brakes, the detailer will polish the exterior. This is usually done with an electric polisher and is what gives the car the brand-new looking finish.

Not only does the polish make the car look incredible, but it also provides an important layer of protection, extending the life of the paintwork. If you’re looking for car detailing services, get in touch today.

Interior Detailing

Exterior detailing already far surpasses a regular car wash, but that isn’t the end of the detailing process. The inside of cars can be easily neglected, and anyone with children will know that seats and floors can get into a mess that seems unsalvageable.

All inside upholsteries are vacuumed and shampooed to remove blemishes, marks, and stains. The seats may be removed in order to clear the runners of waste. Finally, plastic components and functional parts such as the pedals, steering wheel, and gear knob are all cleaned.

We also offer additional services such as engine detailing and headlight restoration, so don’t hesitate to speak to our team about your options.

Paying Attention to Detail

Car detailing is so much more than cleaning a car. If you’re looking for head-turning cleanliness and top quality protection, then detailing is certainly something you should consider.

Detailing can add years to the life of your car, and therefore can also add value. So rather than seeing it as a cost, consider it as an investment. If you’re looking for more information on detailing, check out the services we offer on the website today.

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