Top 5 Advantages to Getting a Ceramic Coating for Your Car

The only parking spot available to you today is under a tree. This means the paint is going to get coated in sap and leaves.

You just got it cleaned a few days ago and now you’re going to have to take it back through the wash.

You wouldn’t run into this issue if you put a ceramic coating on your car. It acts as a protective barrier to keep dirt and debris off the paint and keep it looking brand-new.

Car wax is similar but it’s not as effective and it doesn’t last quite as long. Keep reading for an entire list of reasons why you should use ceramic coating for cars instead.

1. It Keeps Mud and Dirt Off

One of the biggest ceramic coating advantages is that it’s hydrophobic. This means that if you drive over a puddle, the mud that results from the splash will run right off. 

If you park under a tree, the sap won’t stick. The same goes for particles of dust and even bird droppings.

2. Your Car Won’t Be Damaged by UV Rays 

Everyone loves the beautiful sunshine that comes with summer. That is until the hot UV rays peel their car paint. Having a ceramic coating will stop your car paint from oxidizing.

Not only will your paint not peel but it won’t fade either. Trust us, if you don’t have a garage you need to spring for a coating. 

3. It Lasts for a While

When comparing wax vs ceramic coating, we’ll tell you that ceramic lasts a lot longer. It doesn’t matter if you leave it out in the hot sun all day or if it rains cats and dogs.

Your car will look like you just drove it home from the dealership for at least a decade before you’ll have to go get a new coating applied. 

4. It’s a Cost-Effective Way to Protect Your Car 

Since the ceramic coating is long-lasting, you won’t have to pay money to get it applied as often as wax. Wax only lasts for about 3 months or so.

Again, ceramic coatings are hydrophobic as well. It’s pretty much self-cleaning so you won’t have to go through the car wash too often. 

5. It’s Tough

As you can tell, ceramic is made out of tough stuff. It doesn’t matter how harsh the weather conditions in your area gets. Having a ceramic coating will protect your car from damage.

It can’t do much for you if a tree falls on your vehicle but it can prevent twigs, sticks, and small bits of hail from scratching your paint job. 

Give Your Car a Good Ceramic Coating 

Are you tired of having to scrape bird droppings off your vehicle? Do you hate having to rewash your car after heavy rainfall? Consider springing for ceramic coating. 

It will protect your paint job and keep your car looking the same way it did the day you saw it on the showroom floor. It’s more than worth it. So, contact us today to schedule your ceramic coating