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Top Tips for Maintaining Your Car After a Mobile Detail in McKinney, TX

Car experts and aficionados agree that you should probably be washing your car more often than you think. They say you should be cleaning your vehicle every two weeks.

Those frequent washes play a big part in maintaining your car – and its good looks – for as long as possible. But even more important are the even more intensive car detailing services that you should be having once to twice a year.

A mobile detail will restore your car’s exterior to its original sheen and cleanliness; it does the same for your interior, while protecting it from damage in the months to come.

And you want those results to last, of course. So, here are four tips to maintain your mobile care detailing service for as long as possible after we come to visit.

1. Keep a Cloth in the Glovebox

And we don’t mean just any cloth. Storing a microfiber cloth in the glovebox means you’ll have a very gentle cleaning accessory on hand if you spill something in your car. You can also use the microfiber cloth to clean up any interior spills that might damage the interior.

You can even use this cloth to keep the outside shining. Wipe away raindrops to prevent splotches from showing up on your car’s detailed exterior.

2. Skip the Snacks

On that note, you may find it easier to maintain your interior detail by skipping out on eating and drinking behind the wheel. Of course, water’s still on the table, but other drinks and foods – especially sticky or crumbly ones – should probably be eaten at home. This will help keep your interior looking its best, but it will also make it possible for you to go longer than six months before your next mobile car detailing service.

3. Use the Proper Products

If you want to maintain a car after detailing by washing it yourself, you should be careful. What products are you using to clean your car’s interior and exterior? 

Many people will use their dish soap to suds up the exterior of their vehicle, but this is a huge mistake. The wrong soap can strip away your car’s clear coat and paint. So, be sure to buy soap specifically made to gently wash cars. 

The same goes for the sponge you use, as well as any interior cleaners you use, especially if you have a leather interior. Buy the right products, and you’re sure to maintain your detailing service – and extend the lifespan of your car, too.

4. Wax It

You probably should be waxing your car more than you do. After all, a layer of wax forms a protective shield on the exterior of your car. It repels rain and other substances that may end up on your car’s exterior – and affect the look of your mobile car detail. Plus, it protects your car’s clear coat and paint, ensuring they stay pristine for as long as possible.

Make Your Mobile Detail Last

These four tips will help you make your mobile detail last. So, with this information in mind, you’re ready to sign up for a mobile detailing service with us – and enjoy the results for weeks to come. Click here to contact us today