ceramic coating

What Does a Ceramic Coating Do for Your Vehicle?

As you head towards the car that you waxed an hour ago, you see it. A giant blob bird poop right next to the driver’s door handle!

If you don’t clean the exterior of your car and leave things like bird droppings on your paint, the paint will wear down and chip. Since it costs between $1000 to $3500 for a good quality paint job, you’ll want to make sure the paint lasts as long as possible!

One new way to seal your car’s exterior paint is to use a clear ceramic layer over top. Keep reading to learn all about why you should consider a ceramic coating for your car ASAP!

Can Dirt Damage Your Paint?

It’s a crazy world outside your garage. Everywhere you turn, there are things trying to taint your paint job! Bugs, tree sap, and even gasoline are among the worst substances that mess up your car paint in a recent study.

But, does leaving your car’s paint job dirty cause damage? In short, yes!

Your car’s paint protects the metal body underneath from weathering effects. If the paint wears down or chips, the metal underneath rusts and disintegrates over time!

What Is a Ceramic Coating for Your Car?

This new kind of paint sealant goes way beyond wax or even typical car paint sealants. A ceramic car coating is a silica-based liquid polymer that an experienced technician applies by hand and forms a protective layer that lasts for several years!

It won’t protect you from deep scratches or severe damage. But, the ceramic never wears off either. You’ll need to have it sanded down and reapplied in a few years.

Also, note that you want to hire a company skilled in using ceramic for paint sealant. Any flaw in the body or failure to prepare the car before the application will look much more obvious after the treatment.

Ceramic vs Wax Coating

While you put wax and ceramic treatments on top of the car paint, there are many differences between wax and ceramic car paint treatments. 

Wax gives you a brilliant shine and comes in a liquid spray or thicker paste format. The problem is that the wax wears off over time and you’ll need to apply more wax several times a year.

A ceramic sealant offers the same high gloss shine that wax offers. But, it hardens to form a protective shell that lasts for years under normal conditions!

It’s All About the Details

When you love your car, it shows. You keep the paint shiny, the wheels clean, even the interior looks immaculate!

If you take pride in detailing your car and keeping it clean, sealing the paint gives you an extra boost. A well-applied ceramic car paint coating keeps your car sparkling like a diamond for much longer than a standard wax job!

We hope you enjoyed reading this article and that you learned all about the benefits of ceramic coating for your car. If you have any questions about this article, or if you’re looking for vehicle detailing services in Colony, TX area, contact us today!