What Is Clay Bar Treatment? A Complete Guide

Is your car not as bright and shiny as it used to be? 

As you go about your daily drives, your car is under attack by all kinds of minuscule particles that attach to the surface. Between industrial pollution, brake and rail dust, acid spots, and the normal scratches and swirls, your car isn’t going to look as nice as when you got it. Even a good clean isn’t enough.

This is where clay bar treatment comes in. 

Not sure if clay bar treatment is for you? Not sure what it is at all? We’re here to explain the details. Keep reading to learn more.

What Is a Clay Bar? 

Clay bars are innovative tools that help restore your car to its full potential. 

When paired with a good lubricant, it uses its putty-like texture to remove any pollutants or impurities from the surface of the car. While “clay bar” might sound like something that would scratch your paint, it’s actually smooth and waxy. 

What Is Clay Bar Wax Treatment?

No matter how clean that you think your car is, you’ll have a whole new perspective after you get a clay bar treatment.

You clean your car regularly and wax it from time to time, so how much cleaner can you get? You’d be surprised.

Once you see the bar after it’s finished with even a small section of your vehicle, you’ll see what we mean. It will be dark with dirt and grime, and when you’re done with the whole car, you’ll notice the difference.

Think of it like that space under your furniture when it’s much cleaner than the rest of the living room. You vacuum and clean often, but you don’t know the difference until it’s put right in front of you. 

When Do I Need Clay Bar Treatment?

Everyone with a car can benefit from a clay bar wax treatment. The outer coat of your car isn’t as sturdy as you think it is, and pollutants and contaminants can infiltrate it and bleed down into the more fragile color layer.

You don’t have to use a clay bar as often as you clean your car. Twice per year is sufficient, but if you do it more often you’ll notice that your car looks cleaner and shinier all the time.

It’s a great idea to use a clay bar before and after a cold winter when your car will be subject to ice, snow, and salt. If you live near the ocean you may want to get more frequent clay bar treatments due to the salty air. 

It’s Time to Get Your Car Treated

Do you want your car to look shiny and new? A clay bar treatment is one of the best ways to get the ultimate clean look. 

We want to make your car look like it just came off the lot. Our professional car detailers know how to get the job done. Visit our scheduling page to schedule a service today.