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What Is Mobile Car Detailing? 5 Benefits of Mobile Vehicle Detailing in Frisco, TX

People love their vehicles so much that more than half of Americans consider their car a “friend.” That might be because of how much time we spend in our vehicles—an average of 18 full days per year.

When you spend that much time in the car, you want it to look good. You might have considered vehicle detailing before, but perhaps you thought it was too inconvenient. Mobile vehicle detailing takes this service straight to you, making the process straightforward, easy, and affordable.

Learn about the benefits of mobile car detailing in Frisco, TX, and try it for yourself.

1. Removes Dirt and Bacteria

There are roughly 700 types of bacteria living in the average car. Even if you don’t eat in your vehicle, you might accidentally touch your face, rub your eyes, or set down your phone and then transfer that bacteria to you.

Plus, when you eat in the car, you produce tiny waste particles that accumulate bacteria. Do you want that sitting around in your vehicle?

Mobile car detailing takes the hassle out of cleaning since they do the work for you. Your vehicle is cleaned and disinfected so that you can rest easy.

2. More Convenient

One of the biggest benefits of mobile car detailing is that it’s easy to fit into your schedule.

How does mobile car detailing work? Simply set up an appointment and provide your address. Our technicians will come fully prepared to handle the list of services you booked. It all happens at home or at the office, in the driveway, so you don’t need to go anywhere.

3. Clean All Vehicle Types

Mobile vehicle detailing isn’t just for cars either. We can clean the inside and outside of your SUV, truck, limo, RV or motorcycle as well.

Detailing services are also safer for your vehicle compared to standard car washes. Drive-through car washes have harsh sprayers that can scratch and damage your vehicle’s paint. Plus, auto detailing does a better job cleaning your vehicle.

4. A Range of Services at Home

Mobile car detailing includes a complete exterior and interior cleaning, such as vacuuming, window cleaning, and leather or upholstery conditioning. There are different levels of detailing you can book that include the following:

  • Deep cleaning the wheels and tires
  • Shampooing seats and carpet
  • Engine bay cleaning
  • Exterior spray wax
  • Clay bar treatment

All of these services come straight to your location for maximum convenience.

5. Affordable Prices

Mobile detailing services are more affordable than you might think. Our Level 1 detailing service costs $150 for cars and $200 for trucks and SUVs. This includes a complete cleaning of the inside and outside of your vehicle.

For a relatively small investment, your car will look as good as new, and you can be proud to show it off.

The Convenience of Mobile Vehicle Detailing

You can’t beat the convenience of mobile vehicle detailing. All you need to do is set up an appointment, and a technician will come out to you and clean your car from the comfort of your home or office.

If you’re ready to experience these benefits for yourself and you’re looking for a mobile car detailing service in Plano, Frisco, or McKinney, TX, give us a call or contact us today.